Provence PA
Covering: Gard (30)  Bouches-du-Rhône (13)  Vaucluse(84)  
Project Management and Coordination
181, chemin de la Garrigue 84580 Oppède
Tel: +33 (0) 681 041 444
Our missions at Provence PA : We are establishing a unique relationship with each of our clients, focusing of their needs and desire.

We are here to help with
• Project Management
Collect and provide all documents related to the plot and building requirements Contact and
meetng with competent authorites and administratons (mairie, DDT) Report and follow up of
Research and identying architect/builders as well as all contractors Establishing quotes- translaton
organizing meetngs with clients and follow up
Facilites : identying needs contact with local authorites – regulatons and spec establishing quotes
coordinaton of works
Admin and paper works tax authorites
insurance fnancial advice, link with tax advisors and accountants
• Property management
select and organise maintenance team (housekeeper, gardener, pool )
defne workschedule
admin (Cesu ..)
ongoing supervision on property – on site visits during inactvity period
• Rentals management
recruit mand manage maintenance team
source/manage technical maintenance
Optonnal :
management of enquiries
arrival/departures- meet and greet
concierge services
advertze on appropriate websites

At your disposal, a network of reliable and supportive professionals carefully selected to anticipate your needs and meet your requirements at any time.

We are constantly seeking new contractors with a genuine « savoir faire » that works with respect with environmental and technical standards.

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