Adams Design Architect
Covering: All regions of France  
22 Avenue Jacques Bujault
Tel: +33 (0)517 181 836
Mob: +33 (0)678 054 890
Architecture is about people. I firmly believe it is my job to listen, observe and then start to piece together a clear brief with the client. I not only anticipate the next question but explain which question a client should ask.

I prefer to keep the process uncluttered and honest. The use of materials should be based on intrinsic structural and durable qualities as well as architectural correctness. Good design is timeless. The modern movement in Europe has heavily influenced my attitude to the use of form and space, but I have also been involved in transforming many old buildings. Juxtaposing the two has become a specialty, but at heart I enjoy a new build.

As a bi-cultural architect I need to not only explain the system in more detail, but anticipate concerns, desires and practicalities not always obvious to one culture. I always act in the best interest of my client.

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